Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Okay, so I realize that I haven't written in a whole month even though I said that I was going to keep it updated. But it's not like there's a lot going on, so who cares really? Well, Tim and I have kinda been on the go lately. Unfortunately, his Grandpa passed away so earlier in June we went to California for his funeral. It was a really nice service and it was good to see his family again. Then when we came home, I was so exhausted from traveling that I practically slept for 2 days. And then we packed up again and went to Houston for the weekend to see some friends. It was a good time for all :o) I'm not sure if I mentioned that I was going to start working with my sister out at her house doing mortgage processing once I started feeling up to it... but good news! She ended up moving her office down here to where we are living right now at the shop so I don't have to drive 30 minutes to her house everyday. Which is really nice since I can't drive yet. :o) Anyway, that's about all that's new around here. I am trying to grow some bloody hair so that I'm not so bald at Wendi's wedding. We'll see how that goes... Oh and we were supposed to take a big huge week long family vacation to Disneyland in July but that just got cancelled due to financial issues... You know how THAT goes! Bummer. Okay so that's really all this time. Guess I'll catch you all later! Leah


Lindsay said...

What the heck? When were you going to go to Disneyland? We are going the week of July2-9. It would have been fun if we were there at the same time. But, oh well, you are not coming! I am so happy that you are going to be able to start working again. Nice update, even when nothing happens, there's something to say!

Bates Family said...

You are so funny! That is exciting about working with Lindsey that will be nice to have something to do! Take care!

Brian and Savannah said...

You totally can't have a blog without having a picture of Tim in his sweet speedo. I'll be checking back next week to see if you've got it on there yet.
I'll also be getting a matching one for Costa Rica.

C&CSant said...

You need to post again!