Saturday, April 16, 2011

Our 1st Home

Most of you know, TSS and I have been married 6 years and have never owned a home. Hopefully, that's all about to change. We found a cute little new community in a location that works well for us and have finally been approved with the lender. Yesterday, we went to their studio where most normal people go in and pick out lots of upgrades and stuff. Well, Tim and I are not "normal" people and we qualified for this house just on one income. This is just a safeguard for us, because even though we dont like to worry about me someday relapsing into another bout with cancer or Crohn's, it is a reality for us that this unfortunately is always a possibility. So we try to live a lifestyle that can be maintained on one income. We dont succeed very often. But the one thing we CAN do is make sure we get a house payment at least, that Tim could continue to pay if, heaven forbid, the worst should ever happen.

Anyway, sorry - that paragraph sorta took on a life of its own in a kind of depressing manner! So the point is, since TSS and I are not normal, we didn't have very much money tied into our loan for upgrades. While most people go in and usually put in 15K - 20K in upgrades... we are sticking with 7k. Let me tell you how difficult that is. But, we look at it as a project opportunity. I will be blog stalking over the next months and probably even years in an effort to come up with fun and cost effective ways to improve our modest little home. :o)

The building should start around the beginning of May and hopefully we'll be moving in sometime in July. I have created a new label for posts that have to do with our new house, so if that's all you want to read about... be sure to check back under our "Home" tab! I have included a picture of our floorplan below. I do so hope you'll come visit! And be on the lookout for lots more "Home" posts as our building starts and progresses. So exciting!


Camey said...

It looks so so so nice! I am jealous! We are not "normal" either. I guess we are really not normal since Clif doesn't even have a job either. How exciting for you two! Congrats!
Just out of curiousity, how did you find out you had cancer? I worry a lot with me since both my mo and grandma have/had it.

Leah Sannar said...

Hey Camey! I was lucky because I was actually already in the hospital for 4 months and they were running tests for the issues I was having with Crohn's and so they found the cancer in its early stages. And even still I was stage 3, so if they hadn't already been looking for stuff, I might not have been so lucky. If you're worried you could end up with it, you should definitely talk to your doctor about periodic checks. I still go in every 8 months to check and I probably always will. It's not worth the risk in my opinion.

I hope you're doing well! Your kids are adorable, I check your blog often!

Lindsay said...

That looks so cute! How big is it? I can't wait to see what it looks like! You'll have to do periodice updates of the building process. So fun!

Leah Sannar said...

Hey Lindsay, I am definitely planning updates throughout the building process. I'm super excited. :o)