Thursday, February 5, 2009

Josie Belle

On Saturday I went and got myself a little treat. :o) These are some pictures of my precious little puppy! She is a Silky Terrier, which I had never heard of before. She looks just like a Yorkie, but she will get to be a little bigger (10 lbs) and her ears will be bigger. Take a look and check out our new addition! Above, Josie is on our bed with her cute little pink collar. She is so feisty! What a cutie!! Man am I a sucker for puppies or what?? Aww.... She's also quite the cuddler. :o) Loves to have her belly rubbed! Tim is absolutely in love with her and I have to fight him off so that I can keep her for myself! She's only 9 weeks old and housetraining has not been an easy task but she's doing pretty well. Everyone keeps asking if we're going to breed her. My initial thought was no, but I guess if we had enough people interested, we might let her have a litter when she's old enough. Oh, and her name. Her pedigree goes back quite a ways and so we will register her with AKC. So we're going back and forth between a couple of ideas. We'd like Josie to be short for Josephine. And the name I like best so far is either: Keno's Pretty in Pink Lady Josephine or Leah's Belle of the Ball Lady Josephine I'm leaning towards Belle of the Ball, but let me know your opinion or if you have some ideas for something else. We're still very open and we have some time to think about it so let me know!


C&CSant said...

I was going to breed my pure breed lab until she got her period and got blood all over my carpet. Just consider that when you decide. She is adorable and I love the name!!

Bates Family said...

How fun that is very exciting!!! PS I got that stuff for Cindy let me know when you are around and we can meet up!! Hope you're doing well!!! Hugs!!

Lindsay said...

I'm not a dog lover, but she is very cute. Fun for you! Those are super long names, but I like the Belle of the Ball best.