Thursday, June 23, 2011

More Awesome House Stuff!!

Man, our builders are just moving right along! I can hardly believe that we are almost done. And the best news? Our closing date just got bumped up to July 8th! Originally, we were closing July 21st, so that just pushed our packing mode into high gear! I have included some pics to check out. Enjoy!

 Our kitchen with the pendant lights Tim bought at Home Depot. These aren't ones that we picked out design-wise... but Tim had to put something on so that they can test electrical and pass inspection. I gotta tell ya, I think he did great and I love the way they look!! So for now, they are awesome with the black cabinets. :o)
Below, you can see the flooring they put in... A lot of the things you will see are just builder spec options. We chose not to upgrade most of our stuff because we didn't want the cost built into the loan. This house will be kinda like a blank slate for us to work on over the years as we can afford it. So no, in answer to your question - I dont love this flooring. But what can you do?  
Here are a couple shots of our separate tub & shower. We did upgrade for this, because that was something we didn't want to come in and do later. However, we did not upgrade the tile or anything like that... Someday we will pick the tile we want and do it ourselves. 

This picture below is taken from the master bedroom doorway, looking into our dining/living area. Kitchen on left and back door on the right. And you see you that window straight ahead? Yes, that's looking at my parents/sister's house. Neighbors!! Oh, and by the way - Josie feels right at home here already... might have something to do with our daily visits. 
And next we have a little closer look at the kitchen. On the left, will be our built in microwave/oven combo, and straight ahead will be our cooktop with vent, dishwasher and sink to the right on the bar. Love that I can clean my kitchen while entertaining and still see everything that's going on.  
And last but certainly not least, is a shot of our pantry which is across from the kitchen. A VERY friendly pantry size (although you can't tell with the doors closed) which I am in love with... same with the doors. 
Well, I hope you enjoyed our tour... Looking more like a home now! Hoping to see some carpet in the next day or two and I know we have countertops. So I'll get some pics of that up in the next couple days. I dont know why I'm excited for the carpet to go in... We're just going to go in and eventually rip it out to replace with hardwood. Oh well... crappy carpet for now? Who cares! I'm getting my own house finally! Woo!


Camey said...

Makes me jealous to see this. You cupbards are similar to what mine were. Some day soon!

Avril Copperfield said...

Wow! Your house is definitely looking good. Once it's done and fully furnished, it would look pretty good!