Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I know I've talked in the past about wanting to get involved in volunteer work; so in that spirit, I have signed up to be on the committee for Relay For Life. I have been put in charge of the Luminaria ceremony, which, I've never even attended, much less planned... but I'm still excited! A little intimidated, but excited to get involved and start planning.
It seems a little cliche that the girl who has cancer, of course, when she's healthy feels like she should volunteer. I know that if it hadn't happened to me, I would say that same thing! But it's just true... once you've been through it, you realize how much more you could and probably should be doing. American Cancer Society has so many volunteer programs to choose from, I've been meeting with some of their representatives to find out which one fits for me and I'm super excited to get started. I would love the opportunity to talk to people who are going through what I've gone through. Especially if I could find people who suffer from Cancer as a result of Crohn's. Which is kind of what I had... I mean, they can't really officially pin the blame on Crohn's, but it definitely made my body more succeptible to Lymphoma.
Anyway, that's the newest thing going on in my life these days. I am putting together a team for Relay and we will, of course, be raising money to support the cause. If you would like to donate, keep an eye on my blog as there will definitely be more information to follow!


Steve & Amy Shumway said...

im excited for Relay!! I found your blog bc its posted on your fb page. see ya saturday!

Lindsay said...

That's very cool! Good for you for wanting to and finding the time to volunteer.