Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Triple Post for the Slow Pokes

POST #1 - St. Patricks Day!
So, I know it's a little late to be posting about St. Patty's Day, but I am just getting around to it, and I can't let this moment go by without showing off my first Key Lime Pie!! I took it to work for potluck and it was a big hit. I had a great time putting it together.
POST #2 - Free Shoes??
Not so much...Steve Madden (Shoe Designer) came to Austin and was signing autographs and giving away free stuff at the Barton Creek Mall. So Taylor and I went down there and got free t-shirts and tote bags. However, we didn't win any of the free shoes! It was pretty cool though, Steve Madden turned out to be super nice. Here are a couple shots from that day.
Julissa Bermudes from Jersey Shore was the MC of the whole event, I guess she's touring around with him. She was really sweet too and completely beautiful. Kinda makes me sick...
POST #3 - Tim's 29th Birthday
This year for Tim's birthday, we all went out to dinner at The Salt Lick BBQ. It was his choice, of course and this was our first time there. We had a really great time! We invited lots of friends and family and ate some delicious food. Micki had cupcakes delivered to the restaurant which was totally awesome. Here are some pictures from that!
OH, I forgot to mention, that our dear friends the Shumways thought it would be a hilarious joke to go to Goodwill and get Tim a sweater vest. Well, what they DIDN'T know about Tim was that he would LOVE it and rock it all night long... I have no explanation. He's just a nerd. :o) We laughed about it all night.
Here's a shot of everyone at the tables. We had two tables that were lined up lengthwise so I took both of these shots from in between the two tables. We had the family to the right and the friends to the left. We had a really great time that day! Thanks to everybody for joining us and making it a special day.
Mom and Dad enjoying the cupcakes... or something. And the Shumways I'd like to know where Steve's sweater vest is?? What a cute couple. :o) After the dinner we went to the movies and saw The Bounty Hunter. Us girls liked it, the boys not so much...
And this is a recent picture of Josie I just took for no reason. Isn't she cute though?? Man, I love this little dog. She's my baby. :o)
Hope this post finds everyone happy and healthy! Til next time...


Steve & Amy Shumway said...

We had so much fun, love the sweater vest, and am now craving a rib.

Brian and Savannah said...

Yes, that sweater vest is so funny. And good work on the key lime pie. That is so cute!!