Thursday, October 28, 2010

How many times can YOU load a Uhaul?

If your number is any less than 4, then I WIN! There should definitely be some sort of award for the amount of moving we did last weekend. Ready for it? First, we packed up as much of Tim and I's stuff as we could and then went over to our storage unit and packed that up too. Then we went to our new house and UNpacked everything.

Next we went to Mom & Dad's storage unit and loaded up all of THEIR stuff and took it to the shop to UNpack that too.

I know you think I'm done, but I'm NOT - THEN we loaded up all the remaining stuff of Tim and I's that didn't quite make it into the first loand and THEN we went to our house and unloaded the last bit. PHEW! I'm exhausted all over again just talking about it. If we have to move again within the next year, I will seriously kick and scream in a very toddler-like tantrum fashion.

But now, we are in our house and living out of boxes...
Hopefully my next post will be with pics of our newly unpacked house. :o) Ta-Ta for now!

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