Friday, October 29, 2010

My sister-in-law Micki Sannar has gone from EVOO Mistress (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) and Author of an amazing Cookbook (Olive Oil Desserts), to "Queen of Denial" and Cookie Extraordinaire C.E.O. of Sweet Denial Cookies. Her treats are heart healthy and so delicious. Trust me, I've had too many desserts to count over the years and they are all incredible. :o)

Be sure that you take a few minutes and help yourself to a special treat.
You can find her here: Sweet Denial or Olive Oil Desserts 
And you can visit her on FB also: Sweet Denial on FB.

Trust me - you want to witness the taste. It only takes once, and you'll be in
Sweet Denial.


Brian and Savannah said...

MMMMM.... I love Dessert too!! We miss you guys. Happy Halloween.

Brian and Savannah said...

Ps: Congratulations on your new house and the adoption papers!!!

Leah Sannar said...

Thanks Savannah! Now you guys have to bring Demi and come visit! Wse miss you too. :o)