Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Letter to Birthparents"

Well, it took days of thinking about it and reading examples to get an idea of what on earth to say to future birthparents. How do you convey to them how you feel about them and the incredible decision they are making? But we finally got it all down on paper, bringing us one step closer to being ready to go! I will post it on our adoption blog once we get that up and running. I created one, but haven't posted anything on it yet. I'll post more about that once  there's something to see. :o)

We also finally got our CPR & 1st Aid Certifications done and we're getting fingerprinted tomorrow. Making progress!! I loaded all of our photos into our Adoption Profile last night and it's a strange feeling to put together one page of words and 20 pics in an effort to let someone get to know you... But hopefully, we managed to get a small sense of who we are to come across. We're feeling so blessed to be a part of this process and hopefully have the opportunity to raise a baby together. I hope our potential birthmother can see the many, many ways she will bless our lives with her sacrifice.

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