Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lot Sold!

I think we're "officially" buying this home now... I mean, supposedly it was official before - but they've cashed our check and put a sold sign out. That's good right? You think it's safe to call it "ours" yet? I'm pretty excited about our lot. It's small, yes. And too close to the house next door? Of course... BUT it backs up to a greenbelt! And that makes it all worthwhile. Not going to lie, that was the biggest selling point of this house. That's always been a huge plus for Tim and I and we loved finding one. Check out a few shots of our lot below. These are the "before" shots. :o) be followed by pics of the building process! So excited!

We were out at the development yesterday trying to pick out which brick color we liked... Which BTW, we've already done once! We spent many, many hours trying to decide which brick color we liked, only to hear later that they had discontinued that one. (Obviously... I mean why wouldn't they have discontinued the one we FINALLY decided on??) So, yesterday, it was back to the development to decide AGAIN. Here are a couple pics of houses that we liked. *Correction* - BRICK we liked. One of these houses was so unattractive on the front, I couldn't even tell whether I liked the brick! But Tim had better vision than me and he liked the color, so I'm trying to see past the obvious. :o) Anyway, check these out:
Feedback is always appreciated!!

Keep in mind the colors are hard to portray in the pictures... but I liked the different browns in this one.

Haha, this one looks the same doesn't it? Well it actually is a different shade than the one above.

And this one (the ugly one...) actually has almost a greyish tint to the brick which Tim really liked.... So let us know which one you like! We're still shopping and I'll let you know which one we decide on. Tonight we might head up to a different development that has more options to see.


Brian, Savannah, Demi, and Brooklynn said...

Yay, that is so exciting. I'm with Tim, I like the greyish one:).
I came back to your blog to try out your recipe, can't wait. Looks good!!!

Leah Sannar said...

Well, I hope you like it - we definitely enjoyed it. The marinara and alfredo sauce together was great. :o)