Monday, May 16, 2011

A Sannar Weekend

I love weekends, and even moreso when Tim doesn't work on Saturdays. That actually wasn't the case this weekend, but we still had a great time. We officially hung out at our pool for the first time this year. I mean, Tim has swam a couple times... but I haven't even considered going near it. The water is TOO cold! And PS: it's still too freezing cold, but it was hot enough outside after laying out there for a while that I did actually jump in and then right back out. My sister and her family came over so we got to hang with our nephews for a few hours which was a lot of fun. Our pool is WAY more fun when Ben & Tyson come over. :o)
If you can't tell here, Josie is wondering why the nephew got her raft.

The boys had fun trying to balance both of them in this little miniature boat.

But the alligator was the real winner. I dont blame them... I wanted to get on it and that water was near freezing. But that alligator just seemd like so much fun!

And one the cutest things ever, is how my little Josie loves to play in the water. If you throw a floaty in the water, she'll jump out there onto it. She is so hilarious and she will spend all day in the water, even if she's shaking from hypothermia. You gotta see this pic - but beware... it's seriously adorable.

I know right? I dont know how I've managed to not SQUEEZE her to death yet. She is so much fun to have around. We just love her.

And of course, Tim barbecued burgers and we had some pork 'n beans (which by the way, I haven't had in years and they are in fact, still delicious.) and some sweet potato fries.

After lunch, we decided it'd be fun to take the dogs down to Walnut Creek and let them hike around. They love it there and it's always fun to let them interact with other dogs. So we invited Lindsey and Aaron to join us for that too and the boys had a good time hiking. Look how adorable Tyson is... I mean come on!
Ben refused to pose for a picture with us... :o( 
We came home tired and dirty from the creek, took showers and watched The Green Hornet on Amazon Video via our blu ray player (so much better than having to drive to the video store). It was, all in all, a fabulous day. I'll say it again - I love weekends. What did you do this weekend?

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