Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

Mine was fabulous, how about yours? I'm a little slow on the uptake this week, so I'm just now getting around to putting some pics up. (Also, due to the fact that I failed to carry my camera around this weekend so I had to annoy everybody else who brought theirs to email me some copies.) That oughta teach me to bring my own! :o)

Having Taylor in town is always fun, and we miss her terribly when she goes back to Utah. This trip was no exception, and we had a great time while she was here. On top of that, my BFF Wendi was here with her husband and daughter! It was great fun, we went to the lake, the mall, out to eat... The last time I saw Kamryn was when she was just a few months old, so this was a real treat! Check out some pics from our fantastical weekend: **WARNING: this is a very picture loaded post. Sorry if it bores you, we're preserving memories here!

The first night Taylor got here, Dad and her went to a UT Baseball Game. I wasn't there, but seeing as I seem to be the main journal/blog/scrapbook for the family - I like to keep track of all the photos I can get my hands on. And this one was way too cute to be left out. As a side note: one of Taylor's friends from high school has been pitching for UT and it's been very exciting for us to watch! (Nathan Thornhill, for those of you who are keeping up with UT) 
Hanging out with the fam is one of our favorite pastimes and this might be one of my very favorite pics. How cute are they?? I love all the enthusiasm in this shot.  
Being silly with one of my very favorite people. I miss her already and she just barely left. Lame! Hurry home Buggy! 
I believe we were all in the car on the way to Gattiland in this picture. That's our spot for family dinners. Love the pizza, love the salad bar, and love the gameroom for after dinner. It's a win-win-win situation. 
I love silly pictures. :o) And I love that cute boy sitting next to me. 
This picture is meant to create guilty feelings for Lindsey and Taylor for their trip to Six Flags while I slaved away at work... Okay "slaved" might be pushing it. But I wasn't at Six Flags and that's all that matters! Sounds like they had fun though, which is great. :o) 

On Saturday, we all rented a pontoon boat and 2 jetskis. Try to ignore the fact that we're all in swimsuits, because everybody hates those photos... and just know that each of these pictures is meant to portray just how much fun we had that day!

Me and my girlies.  
The guys... 
Dad took each of the boys on a ride and they LOVED IT! 
Aunt Taylor took them too. :o) 
This picture is awesome. I think it might have been windy outside... 

Umm... it sorta looks like Mom got dumped off the jet ski? Love it. 
This is what you call maxin' and relaxin'.... Chillin' in every sense of the word. She loved the water! 

The Hubster gettin' down on the jet ski. That's where he spent most of his time. He wants one really bad...  
This picture is too cute for words... I'm actually speechless.
I took a picture with Ben, despite his best efforts to get out of it. He's so darn cute and so against picture taking! What's up with that?? 
Aww, me and my beautiful little sis. 
Ahh, yes of course... the obligatory peace sign picture. 
He sure does love his Mommy! He won't hug ME like that for a picture!
Oh yeah, Dad's got the apron on... you know what that means! Delicious food is coming our way! 
Ahh, look at the adorable parents! 
Wendi sent me this picture of her and Kamryn on the flight. I wasn't even there, but I think it needs to be shown dont you? I mean, what a beautiful lady with a beautiful little girl. I miss you already!  

Here's me having some fun with Miss Kamryn!

She looks as if to say, "Tim - take that picture and die."

Saying goodbye as our weekend together came to an end... sad day. :o(

Why must Tim keep taking pictures when we aren't ready?? I swear...


We just finished eating some delicious Amy's Ice Cream... Can you see it on our face? Probably not because we devoured it all. :o) 

Can you read our facial expressions? They say, "Tim! Knock it off!!"

Good Times + Good Friends + Good Food = An Amazing Memorial Day Weekend!! I'm so glad our friends came to see us and that we were able to spend some time together and get to know Kamryn. Can't wait to see them again. Time to start planning another visit? I think so! 

And I think I'll leave you with my favorite Martina McBride song: "Blessed"
I've been listening to it nonstop lately so I thought I'd share. It's so great. :o)  Hope you had a great Memorial Day Weekend.

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