Monday, March 9, 2009

Camping in Buescher State Park, TX

On Friday, we went camping! I know this post is a little slow because it wasn't last weekend but the weekend before that... However, I'm doing the best I can and better late than never right? So Tim and I went up early afternoon on Friday and everyone else met us up there when they got off work. We set up the camp and cruised around checking everything out. We brought both dogs with us and had a ball. Unfortunately, I was incredibly lame at taking pictures. I have zero pictures of Josie and Keno and not one single picture of our tent. However, this one below is my parents tent.
If you're thinking "Wow, that's kind of a big tent..." You're right. It's enormous. It had like separate bedrooms. It made Tim and I's tent look like a joke! It was hilarious. I really regret that I didn't take more pics because our tent had a queen size air mattress in it and it was like standing room only. It was so funny. But here are a few pics from our weekend.
Taylor and her boyfriend Cody, with me playing some Sequence. I'm pretty sure I won. :o) Hence the very happy (and kind of retarded) face! Taylor and I went into town with Mom for a few supplies and ended up coming home with camouflage hats of course. Neither one of us would put our hats on straight. We both cruised around Wal-Mart in true ghetto style with the hats sideways. You know you're gangsta when even your camping gear is thug life. (That's for you BUG)
Not exactly sure what Tim is doing here, but you know Tim... I'm sure he was about to set something on fire or chop something with his machetti.
Here is the mosquito net that we put up, it was a LIFESAVER at night time. The first night we didn't have it and it was so funny trying to play games with all these bugs landing on us the whole time. It was very hard to focus and trust me... we need to focus! We don't mess around when we are playing games!
Now on a scarier note... The same weekend we were camping at Buescher State Park, there was a huge wildfire in Bastrop, which was only a couple miles away from where we were. When we were in town during the day we saw all the smoke and didnt know what it was. Then later we heard about the wildfire and on the way home we saw all the burned ground along the freeway and it was so close to us, I couldn't believe we weren't evacuated! Anyway, I downloaded a shot from the news coverage. This was just the beginning because it was a lot worse even when we were there.
It burned over 1500 acres, 31 homes and 2 dozen businesses were damaged or completely burned to the ground. It was unbelievable.

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Lindsay said...

Looks like a good time! I'm more of an indoor girl, camping isn't really my thing. Only for one night max! That is totally scary about the fire, I'm glad you were safe!