Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Joys of Working in the Middle of Nowhere...


This is the story of a girl and a grasshopper... It only has a semi-happy ending. So beware.  

The first thing to be understood about this story is that we work out in the boondocks of Manor, TX. A lot of times we just eat lunch at the office, since they provide food in the kitchen that we can all eat as we please. But, today we felt like getting out of the office and decided on Subway. On the drive home, we're just chattin' away when a very large bug hits my windshield! I was sure it would crack the glass because it seemed so enormous! So the rest of the drive to work, we are watching this thing and it is still moving! Which if you had seen this bug, wouldn't have been that surprising because, it was almost as big as my car, so its no big shock that my car didn't kill it. Anyway, we pull into the parking lot and realize its a grasshopper. I know what you're thinking... "Grasshopper... really?" But seriously! This grasshopper obviously ate nuclear waste and morphed into some ridiculously size bug. Okay fine... I'm a girl - so all bugs are gross. And this bug obviously wasn't the size of my car. But I kid you not - biggest grasshoper I'VE ever seen. Well, obviously we couldn't just let it sit there and suffer... his legs on the right side were both stuck under my windshield wiper - which as a side note - I still haven't figured out the mechanics of how that happened. So first thing's first, we take a picture (obviously) and then start to argue over who is going to lift the wiper so he can escape. Well, it's my car and I was on the driver side which allowed me to approach from his hind side so he couldn't fly into my face. But, alas - I chickened out. Luckily for me, the boss came outside at that moment and took care of it. All in all, a happy ending, except he lost a limb in the accident. As you can see from the photos - both legs were stuck under  the windshield wiper, but he only escaped with one of them. Sad, but we like to think that he's alive out there somewhere. Probably jumping on another unsuspecting windshield.  

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