Monday, September 20, 2010

Washington Trip 2010

I'm so glad that I got the opportunity to go spend some time in Washington with old friends (and new babies!). From Sunday to Sunday, I just hung out and visited and had a great week. This post will include pictures and stories from my trip - hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Let's start with Wendi -

Mrs Kaminski gets this picture put in my blog because, well that's what happens when you take a picture with my camera while I'm not looking: your picture goes in the blog. :o) I had a great time spending the week with Wendi and baby Kamryn. She's 2 months old and just as sweet as can be. I made multiple comments about taking Kamryn home with me, but I think Wendi just assumed I was joking. I really wasn't. :o) It was really nice to hang out at her house and just relax. Kamryn is an amazingly cute and good-natured baby, I loved every minute of my time with her. Just wish I would be around more often to watch her grow!

I also went to Tom & Dano's house for dinner the second night I was there and Meg came over. I had a great time with everybody! Little Tavin was just as cute as could be and SO MUCH personality! What a fun kid! Totally had a blast and Dano is like super mom. She's everything I could hope to be in a mom! Nice work Dano, you make all of us look bad! :o) Oh, and so while we're talking about Dano being a super mom, she also has a whole scrapbook for Tavin done already and she gave me one to look at. So I curl up on their couch to look through the whole thing, when little Tavin Redd crawls up and sits right next to me. I think my uterus skipped a beat or two. What a sweet little kid!!

And on a different night - I went to eat dinner with Lauren and Megan and we spent HOURS catching up! What a wonderful night out with the girls, good food, great conversation... Just a great night! I really enjoyed seeing these two. We just talked and talked non-stop. I'm pretty sure we closed down the restaurant! It was interesting for me to listen to them talk about how spirituality has changed their life. I guess I feel sorta like I've taken it for granted all these years. I mean, I've always had the church in my life and so this was not new information for me really and sometimes I have to admire those who have such a passion for it. Reminds me of the way I should be. I really enjoyed talking to them, we had a really good time. :o)
Wendi and I met Carissa for lunch too and she brought along two of her adorable little girls. Emma was still at school so we didn't get to see her this time, but we sure enjoyed Sarah and Hailey! I hope I spelled their names wrong. But anyway, it was really fun to sit and catch up with old girlfriends. It was crazy to reminisce with Carissa... I met her in the 8th grade! I wasn't really going to church that much back then and I remember that one of my church leaders talked me into going. So I show up at the church and walk into the little gym and who else would be sitting there but Carissa Hoffman!! I was totally surprised - neither of us knew the other was a member! I've loved her ever since! It's fun to have girlfriends that you've known for so long...Share all our little dirty embarrassing secrets! :o)
And one night, Wendi and I went to Gonzo's which is a little Karaoke bar and it was honestly kind of lame. It was fun to see our friend Kathy do karaoke - because she's amazing! But the bar is not really my scene, so we wrapped it up and went home. But on a side note - for journaling purpose, I have to relay the story of the leggings. Okay so, first you need to know that I am a little obsessed with leggings. I love that they are trendy right now because I think they are so comfortable. That might have something to do with the fact that most of my jeans are too tight for me to even sit down in, but we'll leave that conversation for a later time. SO - I talk Wendi into trying a pair on while we were at the mall. Because we knew we were going out that night and neither of us really had much to wear. So, she ends up liking them and buying a pair. Well we get home and realize that now we're BOTH wearing leggings to our little event and we kinda looked retarded because we matched. So Wendi made Jason take this picture from the waist up. I kinda think it would have been funny to have our fashion faux-pas photographed... but she says no. :o) And on a different side note - while we were in the dressing room and Wendi was trying on that blue shirt in the picture... Not sure if it was the color or just the fact that her mama was getting dressed but I was holding Kamryn to where she was facing outward, watching Wendi... and she gave out the best little belly laugh! It made both of our day and Mama cried. It was so sweet.
 I was gratefu lto be a part of it! Thanks Kamryn!
And here's a group of us at Olive Garden. It was great to see everybody. I think we pretty much closed this restaurant down too! Man,we can do a lot of talking apparently. Leann came all the way down from Lake Stevens, sans her hubby, which was nice of her. If my husband decided not to come, I'm not sure I would have made the drive still. She's such a trooper! I'm glad she made it, it was so fun to catch up with everybody. And Ryan should know that the next time I see him, I'm going to punch him for this face he made in my picture. What a punk. Oh, and do you like my new hat? I found it at Nordstroms and couldn't pass it up. I think I'll wear it everyday... is that too much?

I'm so glad that I went and spent time with everyone. I had so much fun getting to know Kamryn and seeing all my old friends. Can't wait to do it again! But next time, I'll bring my hubby....and maybe Josie. And who knows? Maybe we'll get a Josie/Mylo puppy out of it! :o) And now I'm going to sleep so -
Until next time...


Camey said...

How fun to see everyone! I never do good at visiting people when I am in WA, because I am usually wanting to use the time with my mom. Anyhow, thanks for sharing and I think you look great!

Leah Sannar said...

Thanks Camey! It's easy to not see my mom because she's not there anymore! But if I had tons of family there, it would be harder to spend time with friends. :o)