Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dirty Little Secret

I have a confession to make... And it's not one that I am proud of, but alas - since I intend to use it this weekend for the first time, I guess I must first admit that I OWN A TIMESHARE. If you try to vacation for cheap, then you've been to those stupid timeshare sales pitches in an effort to get something awesome for free, right? Well Tim and I went, innocently hoping for some Cirque du Soleil tickets...and we left as timeshare owners. We were stunned for weeks that we actually fell for it. I mean, were we really that couple that bought a timeshare?? YES WE WERE. Frankly, I blame the cancer... and I know that you can't play the cancer card all the time, but I think that here, it applies. We were so caught up in the fact that I was still ALIVE, that we had all these dilusions of grandeur. We wanted to travel all over the place! ....I would like to start by saying that it has been 3 years and we have not used it yet! BUT... I am happy to report that we have officially paid it off and when you don't actually have a monthly payment, owning a timeshare is SO much less embarrassing! This weekend will be our first actual trip to Tahiti Village, Las Vegas. I'm pretty excited. :o) We are going to have a great time and finally start to get our money's worth!! Wish us luck! I will definitely be back to tell you how it went!

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Lindsay said...

That totally sounds like something Colton and I would do! Have fun!