Friday, April 8, 2011

Annie's 71!

This post is over a week late, since Annie's actual birthday is at the end of March. But I'm like the world's worst at pulling pictures off my phone for some reason. I wish I carried my camera around with me more diligently. That would make my life so much easier! (and well documented, I might add). ANYWAY - so Annie turned 71, and as a surprise to her, my mom flew her sister Nancy into town from Idaho. It was a total blast. I dont know Nancy very well because they have always lived out of town, but this time - we got to know her and spend some quality time. We all went to Rudy's for the birthday dinner. I've included some photos here below. My favorite thing is when we gather multi-generations together take pics. And seeing Nancy and Annie together was so fun. They are just downright hilarious when you put them together. I loved every minute of it. :o)

Left to Right: Cindy Trammell (friend of the family), Jamie Garth (my Aunt), Great Aunt Nancy, Loni (cousin), Mom, Shelly (Jamie's friend from WA)

The Birthday Girl (aka Hub Cap Annie)

Annie's opening some gifts.

Nancy and Mom

Nancy with my parents.

Annie, Nancy & my parents. Aren't they just the 2 cutest ladies??

Typical Tim face, with Aunt Nancy.

Nancy, Loni, Mom and Shelly

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