Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tasty Tuesday #1

In my household, it's generally acknowledged that I should stay out of the kitchen and let TSS (my hubby) handle all the cooking. I was oh-so-very blessed to marry someone with a super talent for knowing exactly how to match flavors together. Pretty much everything he makes is unbelievably delicious. And the most enviable part? He doesn't even follow recipes! Honestly, I dont think I've ever seen him read one.

Anyway, the point is this - I am 30 now. Yes, I know... it's shocking. But it's time I played my role as "wife" and actually learned how to use these utensils that fill my kitchen cabinets.

So it is to that end, that I announce, "Tasty Tuesday." From now on, every week I will scour cookbooks, websites, food networks and other, more awesome blogs for "tasty" recipes that I'd like to try. Once a week, I will cook something and share with you my results. Join me on this adventure won't you?

But, for today - I will celebrate my birthday at my FAVORITE place: Firebowl Cafe. What will YOU cook this week? I'd love some ideas!

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Lindsay said...

So fun! I would love to participate! I am in the process of losing weight so my recipes will be the healthy/low fat/low cal variety. Happy cooking!