Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding!

So this is a pretty big event in history right? I mean, the last time something like this happened was 1981 and that is the year I was born... (yikes, I just admitted that I'm 30). Anyway - Mom and I have been talking about this day for months now and we've gone back and forth about being a princess. Awesome? or Not Awesome?

Here's some info we found out, to help us decide:

1. Now that Kate Middleton is a Princess, she can't be called Kate. She must go by "Catherine" or "Your Highness." *Not Awesome.

2. She can't vote and must be politically neutral. *Not Awesome.

3. Did you know that if you're eating a meal with the Queen, when she's done eating, everybody's done eating. *Not Awesome (I'm generally said to be the slowest eater. Ever.)

4. She is not allowed to hold a job. *Awesome.

5. I'm pretty sure she gets to wear that tiara whenever she wants *AWESOME!

6. And last but not least... she definitely will have access to some pretty rockin' jewelry. *Awesome. 

7. Her kids will get to jump in front of Prince Harry in line to be King/Queen. *Awesome. (I think? Maybe it's not awesome)

There are definitely ups and downs, but dont you think they're going to bring nannies and stuff in to raise their kids? And they'll have to do all these public appearances... and be publicly scrutinized on a regular basis. And her fashion sense? It will be under a microscope for the REST of her life. I think I'm leaning towards not awesome. But I'll have to go home and watch the wedding tonight before I can officially decide. YES, that's right... I haven't seen it yet. We recorded it and are going home tonight to witness the big event.

What do you think?...Awesome? or Not Awesome?

A little British Royalty Trivia:
**Prince Charles is in line for the throne behind Queen Elizabeth. And even though, Prince Charles has brothers, his sons are in line before his siblings. And, if Prince William & Kate have children, they get to jump in front of Prince Harry. Crazy right?

Maybe you knew that... but I learned all of this amidst Royal Wedding Mania. Hope you enjoyed it!

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