Monday, May 2, 2011

House Update!

This morning we had our first meeting with James, the project manager for the build on our house. It was short and sweet; we discussed the plans moving forward. But the exciting part, is that after our meeting we drove over to our site. And our form boards were up! I'm so excited that there is actual progress being made! Even though, okay - it does look like a heap of dirt. But it's the most beautiful dirt I've ever seen!!

Check it out and stay tuned for more! Foundation should be coming this week or next!

Isn't my house so pretty??

The Hubster checking things out. It's fun going over there when the builders are working because Tim can speak Spanish and he's already made friends with several of the guys. Definitely helps. :o)

**SIGH** ... that's my future residence. Notice the greenbelt in the back? SO GREAT! :o)
And if you can tell, on the left of our "house" is another foundation where they have put the pipes in. That's my parent's lot! And the next one over is a house that's about a week and a half ahead of my parents' house and it's already framed and got a roof. And yes... we're all very close. So close in fact, that we need to live right next door. :o) Have a great day!

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