Monday, May 23, 2011

Party Weekend

Our favorite person is home from college! We love our little Taylor and are so excited she's here to visit! Here's some pics from our weekend. I really should have more....but I was busy playing. Dang it! Anyway, here are a few at least:

After Lindsey picked up Taylor from the airport, they headed out to see us at work. So here I am with my sweet nephews on my lap at my desk. They are so silly and cute.
Look how big Tyson's eyes are! :o)
And there's Taylor!

Then on Sunday, we had lunch at my parents house and when the boys showed up, we went outside and watched them play in their Lightning McQueen car. It was the cutest thing EVER!

And of course, some boys never quite grow out of toys and Aaron had to take a turn too.  
It was a great, great weekend. On Saturday, we spent the day with just us girls and had a great time. We went shopping and helped Taylor pick out a new skirt, we got mani's and pedi's. I got myself some fake eyelashes. That is a story all on it's own too... Should I tell it? Hmm, I'm debating whether enough time has passed for this story to be funny yet. I think not quite, but I'll relate it anyway.

So, I've been wanting eyelash extensions for quite some time now. However, they are expensive and we are trying to save for a house. But on Saturday, we were at this salon where they do false eyelashes for cheaper because they put them on in little groups rather than one by one, so it was much more affordable. I decided to try it. I know they are cheaper eyelashes, but I just wanted to try it out and see what I thought! So the lady tells me not to get them wet and all this stuff that made me feel like I couldn't even barely get them wet or they would come off. Anyway, she puts them on, and I loved it. They were so fun. Problem is, they were kind of ridiculous for everyday wear cuz they were way too long. And please excuse these photos, I was trying to take them by myself. I dont know what it is, maybe having the camera so close to my eyes, I was subconsciously going cross-eyed so these pics are super sexy. Nice.
My eyes were still pretty irritated from having it done at this point, so forgive the redness. 
But fun right? WRONG.

Well, okay - let me correct that. They were way fun the first day. Then I slept on them. Apparently, I go to war with my pillow at night and on Saturday night, I lost. I woke up to some mangled looking eyelashes on Sunday morning. So, my first initial reaction was, "Oh well, that was fun for while it lasted... maybe someday I'll do the expensive ones that last." Since the lady at the salon told me not to get them wet, I thought they'd come off if I washed my face really well with some hot water. Hahaha, I could not have BEEN more wrong. It's now 24 hours, 60 gallons of hot water, 2 quarts of Oil-Based Make-Up Remover, 5 Tbsps of Olive Oil, Lots of Tears, and other people's laughter later.... and these eyelashes are still WELL in tact. That speaks to the quality of the eyelash right? Sure... problem is. The outside half of the eyelashes on my left eye actually did come off. So now I'm stuck with half on my left eye and all of them on my right eye. And if you're like me, you're thinking: "WHY DID YOU TRY TO TAKE THEM OFF???" Well hello! Obviously, if the lady had told me she was using tar and concrete to attach them, I wouldn't have! But she made it sound like they were gonna fall right off if I even got them wet! So. Dead. Wrong.

The good news? - Despite my very difficult and emotionally traumatizing day yesterday with the eyelashes. Today, I've managed to blend them with my make up and I think they are okay. I trimmed on the right side so they weren't so long and wore heavy make up today to distract from the horror I was faced with yesterday. What do you think? Can you tell where I botched it up? I can, but it's still SO much better than it was yesterday. If you had seen it, you'd have been crying right along with me. :o)
Anyway, crisis averted. And surprisingly, I bought the Living Social deal today for eyelash extensions. Because, really - if I hadn't messed with them, I could have just combed through them in the morning and trimmed them a little bit and I'd be loving them right now. So will I do it again? You bet! 

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