Friday, May 20, 2011

820 Oatmeal

Yep, that's our new address. How exciting is that? Oatmeal Drive... so easy. :o) Anyway, this is a picture loaded post coming at ya, so be ready! We went out to the homesite yesterday and cruised around for about an hour. It was awesome, they've made some big progress over the past couple weeks and it's getting very exciting.
We'll kick it off with a picture of the front:
The front door:
Standing in the doorway to the garage from inside the house: (and of course, the Port O' John) 
Looking into the Den, great view of the neighbor's siding. Blegh. Guess we'll be planting something pretty with flowers there! 
And now here we are in the kitchen. You can see the bar that looks over into the dining/living room.  And you see that window there? Yep, that's Mom & Dad's house. Oh and right below that? See down in the bottom of the window frame? Yep, that's Josie. She's already made herself at home.
This is the dining room, and see where we have an opening for a door and a window? We chose this instead of a sliding glass door. Good choice? I think so... the door will have a window all the down like a french door. We liked it better than a slider. What do you think? 
Standing in the kitchen, looking into our living room (and master beyond that). Love our big picture window that looks out onto the backyard and greenbelt. Makes me happy. :o) 
Our view of the backyard/greenbelt from the back door. 
Here's our master bedroom, also with the big picture window that looks out into the backyard/greenbelt.  
That's pretty much the tour so far... I mean there are 2 other bedrooms, but they pretty much look the same as the rest, so ... We are getting very excited to move in. Not so excited about the rain you can see we've FINALLY been getting here in Austin. Of course, it's right when they are framing... Figures.

And just to add a little sugar to this post, how about a picture of my little Josie enjoying her time with me at work. I have been given permission to bring her here so that she has access to go outside and go potty rather than spending 12 hours in her crate at home. I can't tell you how happy this makes me. There are lots of dogs here at MHR that cruise around the ranch and she is the perfect addition to the farmhouse (our admin building). Here she is chillin on my desk while I do some typing. Cute right??

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