Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rare Moments

Well, they are rare for me anyway. See we have two cats at home, Andy & Mischa. Anybody who has known me for a decent amount of time knows Andy. He's an old man (10 yrs) and I've had him since I first started living on my own. He is also the most beautiful cat, you have ever seen. I promise. Then we have Mischa. She was a kitten that was born behind the shop and for some inexplicable reason, I decided to keep her. Yes, I'm allergic to cats. I can't explain it. Anyway - Mischa never really domesticated and seeing her around the house is a rare treat. For me anyway... Tim swears he sees her all over and even gets to pet her occasionally. Apparently, I'm the big bad Mischa eater, so she stays away from me. Here's the funny thing about Mischa, she LOVES Keno (Our big dog) and for some reason thinks they are best friends, even though Keno couldn't care less about her. My whole point really is just coming down to this one picture. I came home yesterday and went upstairs to get ready for my volleyball game (which ROCKED by the way) and found this on my bed: (Ignore the hastily made nature of our messy bed.)

Okay so there are 2 things about this picture: #1 I love when I get to see Mischa. She's the one in the background with the wild, terrified eyes that say "Come one step closer and I am SOOO gone."

See how in this picture, she's actually trying to melt down into the blanket, like if she flattens herself enough I won't know she's there? And #2 - I work so hard to keep my cats OFF my bed, which if you know Andy at all, is very difficult. I never seem to be able to remember to close the bedroom door and I spend most of my nights waking up with him in my face and then kicking him off (an extremely challenging task in and of itself). He is the MOST persistent, determined and unscare-able cat I have ever seen. One time, Tim and I were moving a piece of furniture, I believe it was a chaise, and Andy was laying on top of it. So we hissed and shoo'd him, but he went nowhere. This cat was not budging. So we just started moving it and figured he'd jump off.... Nope. He continued to lay. So we shook and twisted the chaise as we were moving it and we were cracking up by this point... and we actually at one point, turned the chaise lounge UPSIDE DOWN! Did he at least FALL off? NO! He clung on for dear life and waited til he could get around to the other side. Yes, that's my Andy. Literally NOTHING scares him.
I love my cats, but must they lay on my bed? I'm understanding a little more now why my allergies act up more at night than any other time. Maybe some post-it notes to help me keep the door closed?

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Tawnee said...

this post was super fun to read! i can picture andy on the chaise the whole time. and i love how mischa is trying to melt into the sheets. so cute!