Friday, January 21, 2011

Addiction Directions

I wrote earlier in another post that I have been doing Accounting for Addiction Directions, but I was wondering if I have mentioned how much I am enjoying it?! The other day I was reconciling a bank statement and since I'm new to this, of course I realized there were a couple of mistakes. But the cool thing about accounting, I'm learning... is that there is always an exact right answer. Your numbers will always balance and it's just so black and white. I am finding that I really dig that! Accounting is something that I think I could definitely get into. Of course, I still have lots and lots to learn, but one day at a time! I'm lucky that my mom is a brilliant accountant, so I have a really great teacher.

We've decided that I will be doing the Accounting work from my house now on Saturdays, so tonight I went to Office Max to pick up the supplies I needed. It was great!! I've got my new printer/copier/scanner and now I'm totally set up to work from home. I'm so excited for this opportunity to learn accounting and work from home.

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